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Marketing Test Results Only a True Marketer Would Love

I received an email from Frank Kern yesterday and this vid was what it was all about.

Now this vid opens MAJOR opportunities of us marketers. Massive lists and incomes will be made a ton more rapidly than they already are for those of us that know how to market.


You get a niche…make/find a product to help them…make a vid with a nice free offer (report, ebook, vid series, etc)…then get your vid played on TV…then you wake up in the morning with a list of 100,000 prospects ready to buy what you have…

Bye bye PPC!!

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Does Twitter Spam Kill it for you? How Do You Stop the Twitter Spammers?

Regardless of your answer to the poll question, everyone that uses or has used Twitter has encountered a spammer (people/accounts that follow u just to load your tweet feeds with garbage).

Personally, I haven’t used my Twitter account in months due to all the spam. I have even considered deleting all my friends and starting over to get rid of all the spammers that have started following me (many of my friends have already done this). But after seeing others do the same to end up with close to the same results, (and to not look like a dick) I kept my Twitter account in tact and only acknowledged my meaningful friends on Twitter.

I have just started using my Twitter account again…conversing with friends and people they way it was meant to be used (not blowing up peoples accounts with meaningless garbage that doesn’t pertain to them).

I was only brought back to Twitter from a recent discovery that is putting spammers to rest for actual Twitter users. The program is called True Twit. It verifies that the people who are following you are actual people. And you know if I’m using it, it is well worth the cost or free, and this program is FREE (there is a paid version but the free has served all of my need thus far). They seem relatively new as a company and see they are increasing their services regularly.

So if u answered “yes” to the poll, go check this site out and implement it into your Twitter account to reduce your spam encounters.

I wish you the best in all you do.

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HippoRemote, iPhone’s Coolest App?

So I was recently working on my a PowerPoint presentation and I realized that I was going to need a clicker to change my slides as I did the presentation. I thought to myself, “Man, I’m not trying to go to the store to just buy a simple clicker that they are probably gonna over-charge me for.” Then I nearly slapped myself when I remembered I had my ever-so-come-in-clutch iPhone!

I started looking for PowerPoint clickers in the App Store and came up on a TON. There was only one that really stuck out to me though. The full version of it had almost 5 STARS from it’s user ratings, and the free version wasn’t very far off in its user ratings. So with me being as economically smart as possible, downloaded the free version, and my experience with it was…WOW. I was not only able to click through PowerPoint shows with no effort, but i was able to use my trackpad and keyboard with it. And what made it even better it that the set up for it was soooo simple and didn’t require downloading from the internet for it to work with my comp. The response was perfect also. I have only been using it and playing with it a short while but my short experience has been a memorable one (may be the reason I decided to make a post about it).

Here is Hippo Lite’s full description as listed in the App Store and it’s website:

  • Multi-Touch Trackpad…The smoothest, most responsive trackpad in the App Store, with support for Multi-Touch Gestures including Pinching. Tallscreen and widescreen orientations.
  • Full Keyboard…Access to arrow keys, navigation keys, modifier keys and function keys. Tallscreen and widescreen orientations.
  • Intelligent Keyboard…Remembers what you’ve typed so you don’t ever have to repeat yourself.
  • International Languages…Full Unicode support for entering text in Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Russian, or any other iPhone supported language.
  • Split-Screen Mode…Split screen keyboard and trackpad for simultaneous access.
  • Shake-to-Toggle…Give your iPhone a quick shake to toggle from trackpad to keyboard and vice versa.
  • Wake-on-LAN…Turn on your computer from your couch.
  • Quick Setup…Macs and Linux PCs can work with HippoRemote without any extra software. For Windows users, or for enabling certain advanced features, we have a free HippoVNC helper program.
  • No Pointing, Line-of-Sight Issues…HippoRemote works over your WiFi network, so you never need to worry about aiming your remote. Control everything from your most comfortable position.

Hippo Store Upgrades

  • Arrow Pad…Large arrow buttons for controlling media apps (like Boxee, Hulu Desktop, Plex) or running presentations (Keynote, PowerPoint).
  • Login & Password Manager…One tap to auto-fill login information for your favorite web sites.
  • Macro Bar…Create and store your favorite shortcuts for one-touch access.
  • Web Browser Plugin…Surf, email, update Facebook, check sports scores, chat with friends, and more, all without leaving HippoRemote. And for viewing sites on the big screen, you can easily send links from the built-in browser to your desktop.
  • Twitter Plugin…Post status updates. Browse your Twitter timeline & lists. Explore links on your iPhone/iPod or open them on your Mac/PC with one tap.
  • Boxee Plugin…A custom touchpad for Boxee. Control Boxee with flicks, swipes and taps on a super-smooth gesture-based touchpad.

Here are several screen shots of how Hippo Lite looks from my phone:

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Quote of Success

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Ever Wish You Had A Copywriting Expert to Review Your Headlines?

Before learning the how to write effective copy my headlines were grade A++ CRAP!  I had no idea of what I was doing and how to write ad/sales copy.  I didn’t really have to have anyone tell me that my headlines were crap because my wallet told me that.  I sent out TONS of “sales letters,” and received 0 leads, 0 prospects, and 0 dollars.  As I continued to study marketing, I learned more of what it took to create a least decent copy.  But I never really had a coach or mentor there to help me in creating effective headlines.  I had nobody to review, suggest adjustments to what I was writing and sending out.  I had to learn the time-consuming way, which was by trial and error and reviewing my results.   Only if I had an actual copy coach there to help me I could have shaved several months off of my learning curve.

What I would like to share with you guys in this post is that there is NO NEED for a copywriting coach when your want to know how well you headline will do.  All you have to do is create you copy (learn how to write a good headline first) and insert it into the Advanced Marketing Institue’s Headline Analyzer.  And the best part is that it is a FREE tool offered on their site!  This perfect for all marketing but even more valuable to new marketers that are in their learning phase and have a little to no budget for investing in online tools.  I already believe copywriting should be the first focus of new marketers because it is so valuable and costs almost nothing to learn; now they can check their work at no cost also.

I included a copy of a rating I got from one of my past headlines…

Rating of a headline from one of my listbuilding campaigns...

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My birthday!!

In case u guys wanted to kno when my b-day was…January 30th!! So today is my b- day!! Thank u for all the comments!!


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